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heartbreak for libertarian constitutionalists


What? El Presidente isn't going to lock the b$%^h up? The deal killer for our resident libertarian.


Actually that would be an impeachable offense to do so but don't expect any of those brave GOP stalwarts to grow a pair now.



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It's not his call

Unless he is implying that he'll have some new form of autocratic control over the actions of the F.B.I. and his new Attorney General.


They bring the charges and decide whether or not to prosecute.


Although, maybe our resident Constitutional scholar 3020 can show us how that deviation from policy might fit.

Re: It's not his call

If you're fact checking El Presidente it is a lot more efficient to start out with everything in the false pile and work backwards.

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Re: It's not his call

If you've paid attention you know there is more than enough evidence the justify a grand jury.  Jeeze, podesta warned her in an email to stop sending classified docs on unsecured channels and she didn't do it. 



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Re: It's not his call

The real fraud is the foundation. The server was an attempt to hide that fact. Should be prosectued. If it were me in her place it would be.

Re: It's not his call

You guys are big in the post-truth movement, you'll have to ask your boy.

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Ilk and post truth

Here is an interesting article that talks about a new political vocabulary that includes 'post truth', ilk and some other terms.


“Ilk” may seem innocuous but it’s a gateway word in a coarsening discourse that sees words not only recast but stripped of meaning altogether. Consider Trump University, a scam with as much connection to higher learning as a cock-fight. What we’re seeing is a wholesale abandonment of language as socially shared code. Even before his inauguration, Trump and his team have distanced themselves from verbal accountability: last week, an aide to Japan’s prime minister was quoted by Reuters saying Trump’s team told him not to take the president-elect’s campaign remarks “literally.”

Re: It's not his call

That may be.  It will be up to the FBI and Justice.  They still might.


Trump is blowing smoke saying either he will or he won't.  Only thing he could is appoint a special prosecutor.  Said he would at one of his rallies.  But from liking  "parts of Obamacare" to the wall shrinking to a fence much of.the schtick is crumbling so who knows?


As for the foundation, his just found itself dinged pretty good today so no telling what sort of precedents that could run off of.

Oops. Forgot one

Human activity and climate.  Said that today.

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Re: Oops. Forgot one

Obama said he`d close Gitmo, repeal Nafta, health insurance premiums would go down by 25%, on and on and on promises broken, yet you guys still love him and wanted a 3rd term, Hillary proctoring.


Locking Hillary up isn`t what I want to see the Republicans squandering their power on...oh you guys would love if we did, only to have Hillary give us the slip after 4 years of wasted time.


"locking up crooked Hillary" was a battle cry..kind of like an auctioneer`s filler words or Obama`s "hope and change" or Hillary`s "stronger together" crap.  I just want my guns to be danged "meeeeeaninful guncontrol"  and no "paaaaathway to citizenship" for Mexicans and justices appointed that will take away as many made up "rights" that have been handed out over the last 8 years as possible. 


What is said in a campaign is a wish list...I wish I could pattern tile all my land 50` on center, I wish I had a 8335r tractor, I wish alot of things but in reality I`ll maybe get a couple miles of tile and no "new' tractor but i`ll be happy anyway.