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hey Bruce

just wondering how your girl Chelly is polling up there in the land of the Pale Volk.


She actually might be less troublesome keeping busy in congress with the occasional McCarthyite red scare than if she loses and cashes in with a freelance reality show/punditry career.



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Re: hey Bruce

Hearing that it is close.  Her opponent would probably be running as a  Republican if he were running in any of the other 7 Districts,


Got this by googling:




nox..did you see...

....Jim Kunstler's rather unique argument for Romney?


Near the end:


Re: nox..did you see...

Yeah, I did although not sure I agree with him. Matters of history and theology aside I'm guessing that as long as the LDS remains aligned with certain conservative social stances they will be regarded as plenty legitimate enough in the RW religious camp.


Was thinking more about his maunderings on the Renaissance and how for a good millenium or so western civilization remained under the thumb of a thoroughly corrupt church and whatever civil authority it wed itselg to as a matter of expediency.


There is plenty of good historical reason to keep religion out of politics, I think.


Seems she made the papers...