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hey James22

It looks to me that the smurf turfers at Boise State can just walk into the national championship game.  Ranked 3 and a schedule that is pretty easy here out (after just 1 game) so long as they don't screw up they should go undefeated.  They have to play Oregon State, but that shouldn't be a problem.   It's almost a given that either OSU or Ala. are going to lose a game and that moves BSU up to at least #2.





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Re: hey James22

If I understood it right, espn claimed Iowa had the third easiest schedule to the national championship. Iowa three biggest conference challenges are all on the hawkeye home field.. I see quite a few tough challenges for Iowa whether they are on the home field or not. Whoever wins the Big will be pretty well beat up before it's over.


I don't know who Iowa will beat and who they won't but thy best not look past anybody. 


Boise State has a quality team but I can't help wonder if they could navigate through the Big Ten, Pac ten, Big 12 or the Sec and remain unscathed