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hey gooboy

heard today that a shop vac might help with part of your problems---not the sanity part the other part that has gone bad

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Re: hey gooboy

old gooboys socialist government in his home country has taken a massive hit in the polls. the leader has had the worst slide in 'satisfaction' rating in history. i'd say the big boy is sitting at home chattering his teeth in front of the fire worried about being led by a the conservatives once again.... Man Wink

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Re: hey gooboy

The first thing is the remark of a socialist government in your vocabulary is a direct relic to your Bjelke Peterson upbringing whereby a steady diet of conservative propaganda was gorged by the anaesthetised masses from the kangaroo ridden back blocks of Queensland. You would be familar with that.


Kevin Rudd never so much won the last election but the public got tired of your hero Howard and of course took the only option available. That was not your beloved Nationals who are the similar to the wheels on a woolworths trolley, there is only four of them and none of them know which way they are going.  Fancy patronising such brain dead fools like Warren Trust. Incidentally my neighbour went to school with Truss in Queensland and he said he hasn't changed a bit, still a D-ckhead.


I find it amusing when the first person you rush to scorn is me when you know full well never rely on the people to do the right thing. What you have quite obviously deliberately forgotten to tell us is how the right wing media, i.e. everything owned by Murdoch, has got a jihad against anything left wing at the moment.  It would give you comfort when you watch the nutter channel, Fox, of an evening while you read your old editions of Quadrant. How can any government take on the might of a powerhouse like Murdoch? You of all people should realise that. No one is saying Rudd is a saint by any means but it was only Australia that sustained the economic meltdown, too the point, the recession was hardly noticed here.  I wonder what would have happened if the wing nutted Abbott or the mega rich Turnbull would have had the reins. Yes, I thought you might agree.


I thought you might have mellowed a little in your absence but your usual vitriolic tantrums failed to get a grip on me. If you want to talk to me without trying to set me alight, welcome.  Surely moving to the US has not made your head empty like all the godbotherers over there.  Anyway, a civil response to my rantings is welcome.


What is the weather like there? Finshed planting? We are about half way through.



Re: hey gooboy

Dear old colon, i thought if you were still around that comment would have you take the bait for sure. Success my dear watson....


Don't give me your BS about being civil, you show the way and if I did not die of sheer surprise, I may follow suit. Hmm where do I start, I know Warren Truss better than some neighbour of yours that went to school with him a hundred years ago. Don't worry, my opinion is similiar to your dear neighbours. (surely you haven't forgotten I farmed in the South Burnett) Just out of interest, does your neighbour get back to Kingaroy much, does he lunch with Warren often, I wonder how he comes to that conclusion since he wouldn't have had anything to do with him since school. 


Kevin Rudd, I am nearly fell off my seat when I  saw you concede that he may be a flawed character... Most surprising, I am wondering however if you are part of the factional rise that intend to knife the biggest fly by night politician the country has ever seen and replace him with the the hair dressing shagger gillard...


Stimulas package, saved the country hey, was the 40 billion dollars needed col? Is that why the 40% tax on the mining industry, (the only industry generating income in Australia and what actually saved the country from recession) has been hasitly drawn up? Can you tell me how painting some schools that won't be completed till 2012 is going to stimulate the country from the 2008 GFC? What about the bungled roofing isulations? Oh yes, you keep telling yourself that Labor are the party of the people, the only party able to navigate Aus thru the financial crisis. But, Whatever helps you sleep at night. What was the surplus in 07 - something like 50 billion dollars, 09 deficit of 58 billion dollars. 


How about the backflip on global warming? I was told that Rudd told the nation only last year it was the single most important issue facing the generation, however I read its been put in the drawer till after the election (if it ever appears again). Rudd is gutless, and a fraud, its about time the everyday person began to awaken to his triple painted on persona. Speaking of knowing people, I know people who knew the family on the sunshine coast.... some very interesting stories to say the least. Do you know the real truth of his bleeding heart story about being forced from the farm and having to sleep in the car? Probably not, I'd imagine but I am not going to arm you with what information is out there. 


So its the right wing media hey? Typical laborite, as soon as things go south you all grab at whatever straw you can find and try and string a long bow with it. Mega rich Turnbull, surely you haven't forgotten the mega rich Therese Rein..... Took the wind out of your sails yet bloke?


You may walk all over less than average people colon but don't try it with me mate.


Planting is done, I am glad to hear you going, apparently QLD is drying off and looking for rains to get started. 

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Re: hey gooboy

"Don't give me your BS about being civil "- That has an oxymoronic twang to it.  I am sad to see the town water is affecting you that much.

"does he lunch with Warren often," - That question seems pointless in reply when even you agreed he is a d--khead.  Why would anyone want to lunch with him. I think his dear Nat bretheren have deserted him.


"biggest fly by night politician the country has ever seen" - Really !!!  Then again you would know.  The comment about Gillard is now pure evidence how you have adopted the paranoia like most of the repigs on here. What a sad expat you are.  I suspect you have little knowledge of the woman.


The sad part about your comments regarding the stimulus package is typical of the National party herd mentality.  I think it would be benedficial for you to witness what the collapse of the economy which didn't happen and the opposition could not then blame the government. I would have thought with the foresight you have about how economies run that the "painting of schools" as you say, you would know how to stimulate the economy by providing jobs, etc, to people who would have normally been chucked in the gutter like they do in the US. Now they are paying taxes, buying paint and providing services, thanks to guess what, the package.  You would be familiar with that scenario with the conservative background you have. Yeaaaaaaaaah. I'll bet.


I am again surprised how you could blame any government for some cowboy, untrained installers who were subcontracted to trained installers, for the death of those people.  I suppose you also think it was Ruddies fault the wires were bare in the ceiling. It would have definately been his fault when the choice of insulations was made.  Oh yes, only jerks would believe that.

In respect to the navigation of Australia through the financial crisis by the Labor party, I remind you that the opposition opposed the spending of the package on every turn.  Torture you tiny brain with thought and imagine where we would be without it.  It is OK for you to remember the 24 billion Howard socked away but to conveniently forget that the money was the benefit of the GST windfall and was the property of the taxpayer all the time.  Why should the money not be spent for the benefit of the economy and the people. But I would not expect you to think of that.  Maybe you poor starving cockie mates up in Qld. might eventually appreciate the benefits of it as time goes on. That is of course if they get the hayseed out of theirs heads. I see Obama is looking at a GST like ours. If that happens you might experience some of the medicine we did and have a differing view on how the money should be spent.


As for the Mining tax, rip the lot of them.  They cut the guts out of the country, take the profits to an offshore tax haven and pay nothing.  Not under my man anymore.  All the fluttering by the Nats how it will ruin the country is all crocodile tears. They will never leave a resouce rich country like this, with close proximity to China.


"the single most important issue facing a generation"  - very well put I thought.  I believe it might have been a vote catcher but I don't recall him committing to do a hell of a lot other than sign the Kyoto thing. Since the US have not signed the Kyoto thing, to sign it meant nothing but a warm inner glow from all the greens whose votes are looking for a home, so why should we do anything when uncle sam is not. Think about it. You guys use 25% of the worlds oil.  Who gives a **bleep** about global warming anyway. I don't and neither do you in reality. Being a farmer and doing something about emissions appears absurd.


As for Rudd's childhood, I really don't give a rats about it.  I only wanted the exit of Howard and his facism govenrment.  I can still hear it ringing in my ears, "I will only stay if the party wants me to" - They told him to leave and the stupid fool stayed because he thought he was unbeatable.  Stevie Wonder could see he was a spent force. And to rub it in, a shagger(woman) beat him.  That must make you feel proud.


Therese Rein's wealth has got up a lot of noses. It would appear Labor people are not allowed to have intelligence and make money. This appears to be something that only Liberals are allowed to do.  Welcome to the real world.


I am saddened to see you have not been aware I have been throwing s--t on you for some time.  For me to walk over you is effortless.  You can not blow wind up my a--e when it comes to defending myself and at this popint you are no match.  You can keep up the spirited debate if you like but since the very beginning when you advised me to vote LNP, I have gradually lost the passion to engage in sensible debate with morons.  For an expat you certainly didn't improve yourself by going to the US. I have witnessed your type many times on here and you have now become one of them. Good luck with all that.


And as for your "colon" remark, it really does demonstrate what a squalid opportunist you are. That is not becoming of anyone and then you criticise me when "civility" is mentioned.  I can tolerate a lot from foul mouth illiterates but to make a direct reference like that, I am not sad you left this country. Don't you wish you had Kevin Rudd running the economy?


Goodbye and good luck. (forever)


Re: hey gooboy

Ha ha you really are an A grade f uckwitt just like some locals in your district had previously stated to members of my family. You are nothing to me either Colin, just some extreme left wing loon writing tripe on a computer screen. Oh you cut me to shreds, in fact I can hardly type this now as the tears stream down my face. Hows the prozac working for you by the way?


"Good bye and good luck" - I'll take that with a pinch of salt and leave you with a salute from my middle finger and an inner smile knowing that from your reply I hit a nerve. Smiley Wink


P.S I never cared who leads there now, just took enjoyment out of how you can dish out barbes like like there is no tomorrow but get all stiff and s hitty when they are returned to sender... hahahahahahahahahah