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Senior Contributor

honestly this is just mean.

But the truly cruel are the ones in his family not stopping this.


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Senior Contributor

Re: honestly this is just mean.

The ends justify the means. The Marxists and the New World Order sees Biden as a expendable, moldable, tool that they can use to carry out their diabolical schemes. 


Senior Contributor

Re: honestly this is just mean.

I think it's a brilliant move by the commies.  Running quid pro Joe creates perceived bias by a DOJ that's actually investigating true criminal activity.  Delaying the convention is brilliant as well.


If Barr were to pull the trigger, or Ukraine investigation gets too hot, they can use his incompetence as an excuse to pull him.  If not, they can run whoever they want as veep' and pull his card after day 1.  Of course this is if they can pull off the biggest voter fraud in history, which won't happen.  


But it's funny watching them try.