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how can i kill bana grass?

  My brother and I have inherited a small (946sq.yd.) lot of land that we wish to clean up. Today we're having a relative use his backhoe to bulldoze the whole lot because it's infested with, what we belive to be, bana grass. The property was once used to grow bananas and has long been neglected and overgrown with unknown vines , tapioca, bana grass, two mango trees, and as the locals call it "tangan-tangan" trees (Leucaena leucocephala). My brother and I just want to clean it up.. turning it back into open clear soil. Being that we are only here in Guam temporarily, I want the property to be rid of any vegetation. Hence leaving the property super low maintenance (no need to trim or manicure the property).

  Once we've accomplished removing all the vegetation, further plans will be discussed.. like setting up a wall on our property's borders. This lot of land is in a residential zone.. but Guam is unlike the states in that the people here have allowed many properties to be overgrown with vegetation and neglected. i just dont want to contribute to the eyesore.


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Re: how can i kill bana grass?

On a lot that size, I would just tear up and level with the dozer and pick up roots and sticks by hand.  Then maybe seed it down to Bluegrass or whatever is common to the area.  You could spray it with Gramoxone or Paraquat or Tordon or something if some of those sprays are available down there but while you`re working it up to seed it anyway and it`s a small lot ...just till it up.  Sounds like fun, actually  Smiley Happy