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Senior Contributor

Re: Society hasn't been destroyed

It's only becaiuse you are negative all the time. You weren't negative when Bush tanked the economy back in 2007. When folks were dying in Iraq and afghanistan and you were perfectly willing to let it continue.


The stock market crashed. The banks were broke, people were were losing jobs at a rate of 700 K per month. but then I'll bet you voted republican again in 2008.  Your problem is that you don't comprehend which is good and which is bad.. You don't know what is right and what is wrong. You don't know what is socialism and what is communism.


Most of you have lost your ability to define what you are saying ansd what you are hearing. The bastardization of the english language a product of too darn much Limbaughese. That is what has cost the  american people their comprehension skills. I'm afraid you have all the symptoms.


No my large font does not mean I'm yelling. But your small font means you are whispering. Are you that ashamed of what you are saying?