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bruce MN

Re: Is Comey a liar then?

I’m absolutely positive he will. Sam’s specialty is timelines. He was the first to post one here.


i’m sure that has it close at hand and might want to share it with us again (whatever it looks like now). It was really cool. Was like a wiki page. Readers could edit, alter and correct it if so inclined. 


Can yours do that?

Senior Contributor

Re: Is Comey a liar then?

Interesting how these people can be proven emphatically wrong, with their little fake  fact checkers,  over and over again, but it doesn't phase them in the slightest.      

Senior Contributor

Re: Is Comey a liar then?

There is only one thing "fake" in this whole nightmare, is, Trump himself! He wasn't fit for the job, and is proving it every day! A total embarrassment to this great country!