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Crazy Bill

Scathing aspersions let loose regarding his reportage some while back- that there was a sealed indictment against Trump.


But as he notes today, the Manafort/Gates indictment is labeled (B), which means there should be an (A), and you'd then assume that it is sealed, since we haven't seen it.


There's only one person enjoying presidential immunity currently (a happy thought for those wanting to put Crooked Hillary and Barry in jail).


There was no point in 'splainin' at the time but it would remain sealed as long as a President is in office.



Senior Contributor

Re: humm......waiting waiting waiting

I remember the absolute fact about the golden showers.


It's been a near endless stream (punny eh) of accusations.

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Re: humm......waiting waiting waiting



This whole narrative has walked a waffled line from the beginning. There’s no evidence to support the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians during the 2016 election. Not a shred. Now, the principals involved with the dossier, being exposed as a Democrat-funded opposition research projected subsidized by the Hillary Clinton campaign, are trying to desperately redirect the attention back to the Trump campaign. This is getting increasingly silly, folks. Now, knowing that this is a dead horse, the media and some liberals are not even saying collusion anymore, not because there’s new evidence to suggest it exists—but because it’s somehow been proven without said evidence. The Washington Examiner’s Pete Kasperowicz dissected this nonsense, where collusion, conspiracy, obstruction of justice, and criminal are being used to try and undercut this president. The thing is that it’s meaningless. There’s still nothing to back this up, hence the mercurial nature of this whole clown show.

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No colluson?

Maybe yes, maybe no. But this article proves there has been plenty of opportunity! It Mueller is allowed to finish his investigation, there are going to be some revelations that are going to raise a lot of eyebrows. Money laundering and obstruction of Justice is the real gorilla in the Trump bedroom. Collusion, maybe not, but the other are all to true. Nothing you can learn from Fox and Hannity is going to be anything but out and out lies, just like der Leader.

bruce MN

You need to check with Sammy

Sam’s got a way better timeless Dale. It’s got an edit feature so that the compller’s cohorts can fix it on the go. Like Wiki. 


He ran it up up the pole here before your parole officer let you back in. Maybe he’ll put it up again for you.