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Senior Advisor

hypocrisy watch

Pres. Whiny Baby's 4 year golf tab hits $151M.

Remember when the outrage de jour was when Barry and Moochelle wuld go on vacy or play golf?

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Veteran Advisor

Re: hypocrisy watch

The Bass Tard needed to play golf - it’s what helped him keep his girlish figure.

If you haven’t figured out by now - ANYTHING a Republican president does is just fine.   He deserves it.   It’s just a Democratic president, that raises the blood pressure of those cult members here, no matter what he or she does.   

No worries now though.   The bar is now so low, I don’t think there is ANYTHING any other president could do, that the cult could bitch about.  But, I’m sure they will....

Republicans do one thing really well.....they are all liars.


Senior Contributor

Re: hypocrisy watch

Speaking of hypocrisy I understand some who claimed Covid was a hoax or just a flu have rushed to get the vaccine ahead of others even though they have no high risk.