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i'm just disgusted--healthcare and lack of action

boys and girls, el cheapo is becoming el cranko anymore..........


if it wasn't bad enough about the low commodity prices and the like, throw in healthcare and costs thereof.


a few of us got together here a while back to drown our sarrows on many of these things.......we come up with some ideas, which we

are fallowing up on.


one a very simple concept.Why can't there be a "farmers group", insurance plan.  It would boil down that a group would be formed

that you could we are looking into it.........talked to insurance companys, regulators, etc........

the truth come out.......yet, it can be done, will take some headache is that "no organization can be formed for the

sole purpose of insurance purchase".........well this can be taken care of, either with our state people.......or........why don't

one of our two largest farm organizations do this......their bylaws are written wide enough to do this.........


both have been generated basicly a not interested reply.....the other listened, but offered an interesting insight.........


they contacted their "insurance" people to find a soluation, they come back with saying there is should be made

more clear that there is no option, that would make us money........


according to our research........a group does not require an agent.......and you can not make money, because you become a

plan administrator.........basicly send out bills, get the money back, and send one big check to insurance company......along with a few

other things........there was no way the "insurance" division could make money, so therefore, there are no options !!!!!!!!!


we also found out there is such a system, being used in the state by a business/industry group.........basicly if you were in

this "business" could bring you and your people forward and enroll in a group it is workable.


why hasn't our people followed up on this........and yet now when a few are hollering......are actually blocking our way to

do something.........


they are so excited about "ag in the classroom"........and spend money on that, yet, we need a program "ag in the emergency room"

or "ag in the operating  room".........such a thing as that, they stand there, throw up hands, and say nothing to be done.....


as far as healthcare insurance industry.........we have read reports and the like......the amazing thing.....they claim losses......yet they

are making record donations ??????


oh, a small side fact.......looking at the filings at the state insurance office.......the maxium group increase was 9% in rates this year,

no plans done away with........on the indivual side........over 40%, and most plans done away with.........


also remember.......the companies were free to set any price they wanted based on the data........and trust

companies are very good at seeing the risks, and make sure they are covered.......


as for trump.......i have to say this.......his healthcare platform is somewhat flawed.......first, if you read the statement, he makes no

mention, that everyone will get insurance or have is in articles, but not on his website .....


he wants to make it so insurance companies can write in many states to cut their risk........the honest truth is that they can do that

now, there is nothing stopping them......


health savings accounts will do nothing to reduce insurance costs......that really means, you are paying out more money,

rather than insurance.


the one good thing tho.....allowing the duction of health insurance......


so i'm just disgusted......we are comming to the realization, our ag groups are not interested in helping their member, but rather help to make this work......we are going to have start our own (or everyones) grassroots ag organization.....


and here i thought cutting wet milo was a challange..........



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Re: i'm just disgusted--healthcare and lack of action

Many years ago somebody got the big idea of self-insuring the risk pool of the two Indiana UM conferences- clergy and lay staff.


Had like a $20K catashrophic backup with a self insurance pool under that. Gonna save all sorts of money.


Turns out that ministers actually have worse than average health* and we lost our tails on the deal. I think that actuarial fact was available at the time although nobody thought to check it out.


I wonder if farmers might be similar? Don't know.


*to make matters worse, not only do preachers as a group have high morbidity rates but they have low mortality rates- tend to outlive the general population even if they're sick more. So they get you comin' and goin' with the pension and healthcare plans.

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Re: i'm just disgusted--healthcare and lack of action

A few days ago, Trump said at one of his rallies that if elected, we would all have health insurance AT A FRACTION OF WHAT WE'RE PAYING NOW.


He spews out so much crap at these rallies of his.  Almost 90% of it is nothing but lies...but his followers just eat it up.  I don't understand it....


Tick Tock...



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Re: i'm just disgusted--healthcare and lack of action



" Health care ministries "  is all the rage now in farmerville.


Sounds nice, if you are devout, pray often ( sincerely so, none of that pretend crap )  and are lucky not to have a major event


But they get to say they are not on Obomacare, and that is what counts Smiley Very Happy


Re: i'm just disgusted--healthcare and lack of action

Approximately 1% of insured households fall into the category whereby they have to buy through exchanges but don't qualify for any subsidy*.


So assuming that whatever percent of them would still qualify for teaser rate cherry picked risk pools, yes they would get insurance for a fraction of what they're paying now, at least for a year or two. For those who no longer or never did, their rates will go up.


Kinda hate to bring it up as he disappeared a year or so ago. But there was a guy who was really angry about ACA but had serious cancer. Of course under a return to the old system nobody but the state high risk pool would ever underwrite him again, or his spouse would have to get a job somewhere with a big enough pool to absorb him.


*granted, that is way overrepresented in this demographic.


BTW, Cheapo, if I recall you've said that you're diabetic. In that case ACA with a public option, which Clinton is proposing, sounds like your best bet.


Depending on how long you've had that diagnosis you probably know what comes of thosen teasers plans when you get stuck on them and can't leave.

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Re: i'm just disgusted--healthcare and lack of action

looked at milo, still wet, not in the mood to have a 25 cent dock still


so, i'll just raise #$%@ here for a few minutes.


judge.  the healhcare units are "ok", they are the "basic idea" of insurance, where we help each other.  It is a good concept, but as the

song goes "but here in the real world".........they are cleaning up their act some.  for a while, it was their policy that you "take advantage"

of any government program to help you, ie to get medicade if permited with a procedure....i think they have gottten away from that,

they are now using some of the "group"  units around, just reviewed one the other day, and they are now using media partners,

which is a BIG group...meaning they have precontracted prices.  That in one instance can help quite a bit....for a couple examples,

take a level 2 office call from $164 to $98, and a non-contrast pelvis MRI from $1063 to $586.

they are somewhat lax on rx coverage, but then again, believe that you will be cured.

they have problems dealing with pre-existing conditions....for example diabetes........they give you a year to "cure" it.....and

believe it can be cured.....i'm sorry kids....that's not possible. you can get it under good control, but no such thing as a cure.

Also they do not want to cover insulin.....which is expensive.....lantus runs close to $400 a box of 5 pens......and novolog fast

insulin in the pens is over $450 for a box of 5........granted, you can use the wal-mart fast insulin and runs about $25 a vial that

will last a month.

The other problem.......when you have a catastrophic event........from major heart attack, stroke, truma, cancer or worse yet

organ failure requiring a most instances the starting point is $100,000.........air ambulance........well when

old el cheapo got a call you need help, i got paid either nothing or $5 to go to the hospital with you, talking with a fellow

still in ems..........average helocoptor flight is $50,000.........if you need a stent or need to have a coil put in for a stroke, or a code

red truma case....we MUST fly you out....

cancer treatment........some drugs in excess of $10,000 per month.......

here these plans have trouble.......i'm sorry, i believe in pray.......there can be miricles........but the above happens every day.

IF the share groups would get a simple "stop loss" policy for each would go far to make them a viable alternative.

An old agent told me once, the key to insurance to insure for a '"major loss"....that is the most "cost effective" way to buy



your right i am a diabetic.......and for many year, almost impossible to get insurance, matter of fact for many years i went



we did have "insurance pools".......but some problems.......first premiums were somewhat high.....second, the state had to kick

in money to make them float.  The states have no money to kick in anymore.....lastly the were paying a

high premium, with a high deductable, which, in our case had a $100,000 other words, if something big happened

you were sunk.




In some respects the ACA is allows coverage to those who could not get it, it also has done away with the cap.

I could see, to make the numbers have the "bad risks" like me, limited to the "bronze" program, what would

require me to pay $5000 before it kicks in, but also, utilizes "network discounts", for office calls, labs, procedures.....

but, incase i have a heart attack, cancer, or get run over by the tractor......and have to take a spin on  an AB 350

with "life flight" painted on a side........while i can't breath, hurt or might be in a coma.........i will be a bit of ease

knowing that the most i'm going to have to pay out is $6000, which will not be fun, but a heck of alot better than

the alternative.


even for diabetics.........$5000 a year will pay for meds, see the doctor a few times, run a cmp-14, cbc with dif, lipid profile and a1c,

4 times a year, and throw in a MRI and few other things...........therefore no insurance/tax money expended.



but the crime, in my opinion, is that there are workable soluations for us out here in the "sticks".......that could offer some help

but the outfits that could do it..........the farm groups/organizations.....just set there perplexed and say they can do nothing,

when they really can..........


if ole el cheapo and his cronies can find out of this out..........what the #$%@ is wrong with the "smart" one's ???


i hear the late dinner bell ringing.......i think rabbit food is on the menu today......but i like my kraft thousand island salad dressing.


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Time to get mad as Hell, ElCheapo..

..and make them damned Democrats pay at the polls on Tuesday!!!   They think you`re stupid elCheapo, ain`t you mad??  



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Re: Time to get mad as Hell, ElCheapo..



 I stopped at the screaming sheep.


Poor things.


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Re: i'm just disgusted--healthcare and lack of action


 After all that, all i can say is :


we dont grow milo around here, and for that I am thankfulSmiley Very Happy

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Re: i'm just disgusted--healthcare and lack of action

To all you fools who think repealing the ACA is going reduce your costs---HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!