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i've got a bellyache

We received a general 2 to 3 inch rain over
The past day or so. It has helped but not
Not solved all the problems.
I remember not so many years ago
we celebrated such an event. My grandad
And a neighbor always started something
They knew it was too wet to do anything
And people were greatfull for the rain, so
They called each other, decided lets do something. We have a community building
Which they helped build, so location was
Not a problem. The word would go out
They would call one person on each exchange
And they would call people on their exchange
To relay the info (didn't text, email, twit or
Tweet, no Facebook, not even voice mail)
The women folk would fix what they had
or went to town to get a few things.
My grandpa or life long neighbor went
To town to get a couple cases beer, tomato juice, a few cases of pop, a gallon of wine
And a bottle of old crow
About 530 people started showing up.
There was everything good, fried chicken,
Meatloaf, ground beef tongue sandwich, ground bolonga sandwiches, potato salad, pea salad, maccroni salad. Scalloped potatoes, green beans and mushroom soup...then cakes
And cookies.......all would have failed our
Modern diet standards.....and none from
The deli counter.
Neighbors sit down and talked with each
Others, people laughed, the air was filled
With smells of good food. The kids were
Playing in the yard. People were happy.
Following a rag tag band would play.
EVERYONE danced, the old couples who
Walked around the dance floor, young
People just learning where to and not
To put your hands when dancing, middle
Aged couples with their rug rats in toe
Dancing in a line or circle, and the young
Couple dancing, with their baby between
Them. Nobody got drunk, there were
No fights......
What the $#?@ has happened to us.
Today nobody wants to go, too much
work, "that doesn't sound fun" they
Rather drive 75 miles to go out and shop.
Dance....people don't dance anymore.
Anymore you have to buy a keg, have
Food so hot you can't stand it, then get
plastered, then get into fights at midnight
With their wives /girlfriend because they
Are drunk. All above food is considered
Junk...they must have steak, or brats.

What have we become, what has happened
To us?

It gives me a bellyache to what we have
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Senior Advisor

Re: i've got a bellyache

Society values have progressed.

Veteran Advisor

Re: i've got a bellyache

Progressed? ???
BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: i've got a bellyache

Well, only those that get a welfare check have anything to dance about these days  🙂 The only "dancing" is they stand in long lines to get to compete on tv and get judged/berated by minor celebreties and voted on by Low Info twiter twits.   30 years ago there was alot of dancing and dance clubs...there was something to dance about.  Dancing in the clubs was kind of like today what they call "speed dating".   Neighbors around here still do stop in and talk and I am always more than happy to see a friend drive in....I don`t get much done 🙂 but, all those tasks that one does won`t remember you or attend your funeral.

Senior Contributor

Re: i've got a bellyache

Talking welfare checks what is $500.00 acre for doing nothing but CRY I can't plant help me help me you working .taxpayers..........Or by god they better  guarantee a income off my land given to me...  I guess that make you a low info voter.     


We had hail iaround our area some damage some worse than others,    Farmer laugh it off "I got taxpayer govt crop ins.I'll just fine.     Think I'll buy some new paint~~ Its those welfare people who are destorying our great country .       .   ....