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if dump loses?????????????

Will the righties on here call him a loser much like they have said about Romney and McCain? 


Of course all of the righties will still call McCain a loser, guy got captured.  They can only be proud of the ones that didn't. 

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Senior Contributor

Re: if dump loses?????????????

Most anyone should recognize he heroics of flying into a war zone when the opponent has guided missles to bring you down.. Not a job for a nervous nellie.


However spending 5 years time in a North Vietnam jail cell does not make you an expert in military strategy. There are those that deserve attention because thy have been involved in the field and have personal experience. But not those that experienced a time in a NV holding pen no matter the horrid treatment the may have recieved.  However McCain deserves attention when deciding the proper treatment of prisoners of war.


Trump deserves no attention at all. He is not a strategist on the military or a economist. However He does have experience as a con artist but that talent is not worthy for the presidency.