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impugning the witness

Mother Teresa isn't of a lot of value if you're trying to convict John Gotti.*


But the defense will certainly try to discredit the sorts of witnesses who do know something relevant to the prosecution. In a lot of cases that's most all they got.


Looking at this like a trial I'd say it is like most of them- it was already decided when the jury was selected- so I'd say it'll come down 58-42 in Cohen's favor, exactly what it was yesterday.


Curiously enough, that is a win for the defense. They got some "yeah, but whatabout" material entered into the record.

*I don't know who this Green character is but he's not making any sense. Which doesn't matter to the 42.

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Re: impugning the witness

Just saw that they have a family farmer asking the questions now.


Guy sits on a bank board!

Re: impugning the witness

I know it’s not a State but can the Representative from The Virgin Islands stand for VP?

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Re: impugning the witness

Maybe so, they are US citizens, but good question.  Requirements for VP -- 


  • be a natural-born U.S. citizen;
  • be at least 35 years old;
  • be a resident in the U.S. for at least 14 years.

Maybe not, due to the residency requirement and how that's interpreted.  

Re: impugning the witness

watching the hysteria , the faux outrage , the pure use of emotion to rile the RW base was telling. It's all they have. They know their base , I'll give them that , however, just not very compelling when compared to the composure and professionalism that the left exhibited. Cohen exhibited that as well.


I always liked John Wooden , he wanted his players emotionally stable , physical and and mental preparation as the base to rely on , don't rely on emotion because it loses steam.

emotion is the enemy , manage your emotions, don't let emotion manage you.


But , then again ,  there is also knowing what your customers want and selling them what they want..........

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Re: impugning the witness

R J G  -  Customer  Management  Sales   -  you  hit  it  out'a  center  field -  and  another  win  in  S E  Asia - ?    

Re: impugning the witness

There is some reason to believe that coming out of last week and rocks being kicked over that the number of characters who become implicated becomes so extensive that it overwhelms the system.

I keep pining for it to get to the cobbleknocker Prince kids but they might be too far down the line.
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Re: impugning the witness

Why would anyone want to go after Prince's kids, and where are these kids hiding?


Is it happy hour 24-7 in liberal land?