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Re: interesting story about colleges

Asian kids actually are presently discriminated against at many institutions where quotas exist to counter their high scores. This is a modern echo  of what happened to Jewish scholars decades ago, and perhaps still takes place. I went to a private college that let prejudice against Jewish students, people of color, and other minorities go on so I witnessed this first hand. Decades later, I still am ashamed that I never stood up more for my fellow classmates.  


What is sadly ironic is that the same institution that was basically doing the Sgt. Schultz routine of  "seeing nothing, hearing nothing, doing nothing"  also published a book about that era and how great they were because they grabbed a few black athletes from deep in the south and brought them to campus to perform on their athletic fields.


Once you move away from a system that rewards excellence, and to a system that rewards mediocre performance, or much less, you are shooting yourself in your collective feet, as a country and doing a favor to no one. I would hate to ever have an asterisk next to my name belittling my accomplishments because of affirmative action. I also would hate to be denied an equal opportunity because of the shade of my skin, the slant of my eyes, or my religion or culture.