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Re: /international-law-expert-ahmadinejad-is-right-about-911

'Tis true. Although there are undeniably tens of millions of total idiots on that side of the divide and nobody seems very interested in calling them out.


When you trace some of the internet postings about Israel etc. you can very quickly get to sites that are about Jewish global domination, etc. etc. Along with the fact that they are just unwitting dupes for the propagandists (Trojan horses, too, in a few cases or more) I'm just not really interested- I don't beleive it and it isn't material to the issue.


Either we can free ourselves from doing the bidding of another nation, and do so in a manner that is consistent with our constitution and our laws, or we can't. Part of being consistent with our rule of law would include complete respect for the legal rights of any citizens among us, regardless of faith or origin.


There are problems with people who have greater allegiance to other nations than to ours but we can't do anything about that unless they break the law and all are presumed to be loyal until proven otherwise. Jewish aAmericans have contributed greatly to this country- it is a shame that the hard core Zionists have put some of them in a conflicted position.


Under the constituion a majority of voting citizens can easily change these circumstances if we chose to.



Re: /international-law-expert-ahmadinejad-is-right-about-911

   I lot of the people who are standing up against this fifth column are Jewish Americans, there is a good deal of Israelis who against the Greater Israel religious wakos.  Less than half of Israel's population are religious,  yet they live under religious laws and they have the pressure to conform like we do here.  


  Some how the issue must be brought out into the open political debate, but it is poison for most career politicians, it's going to take some brave souls, there will not be peace without Truth.

Re: /international-law-expert-ahmadinejad-is-right-about-911

The biggest problem is any allegiance at all to the constitution.

Re: /international-law-expert-ahmadinejad-is-right-about-911

 That's true Sam, the Constitution is the biggest hurdle the PTB's one word government crowd faces.