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internet(s) is amazing, for better or worse

Shouldn't surprise me as it is a smaller world than you'd think- the three degrees of separation thing or some such.


Anyway, came across a name that looked to be a long lost college fraternity bro. Sure enough, he is now, and has been for a dozen years, the CFO of a major national bank holding company.  Looks like he easily weathered a shareholder lawsuit against the officers for paying themselves millions when they lost $billions in 2009 and the stock collapsed, and since they've repaid their TARP money they've started shovelling themselves even more $miillions in salary and bonuses.


Even better, his wife came up in a search on a list of donors to a capital campaign for her sorority and on that list was the name of agirl who I dated. It appears that she is married to a doctor who has run a "pain management" clinic for many years and is now also the proprietor of a medically supervised "male enhancement" clinic. They are owners of record of a 10,000 sf house on 10 acres in a ritzy suburb of a major metro area.


BTW, both the good doctor and the banker show up as solid and consistent donors to the GOP and repub candidates as well as PACs for their industries.


Actually don't have any reason to wish either of them any ill but it is just really fascinating to ponder where the lives of others have led.

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Re: internet(s) is amazing, for better or worse

Also would say that while I don't have any reason to wish either of them ill I'm also not really worried that they might have to pay income tax at a 37% rate.


thanks for sharing


Re: internet(s) is amazing, for better or worse

More pondering on the meaning of life.


I obviously don't have a complete read on either of the cases that I shared so am only speculating. But I do 100% get how people get going on somehting that morphs into something really, really good and just runs with it. In some of the cases I've witnessed personally the brass ring goes to the person with the most capacity to justify it all to himself.


Had a conversation about this stuff with a friend who was a suite mate at DePauw with Tim Durham- the "Madoff of the Midwest" who "made off" with around $200 million and is due to be sentenced on November 30- Remains to be seen whether his multiple 20 year sentences will be served concurrently or consecutively.


Back in the day when Durham's smug face was on the cover of Indianapolis Magazine, Indiana Business Monthly, etc, it was just killing my friend to not just expire from envy.  Interestingly enough he is now rooting for his old bud but I'm not optimisitic- the very political US Attorney (Joe Hogsett) wants to have his head mounted and put in the office and can't say that I really see that as an injustice.



More of the coinkidinkers of the real world- Durham was an intern with Hogsett who is now tacking his hide to the wall.