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Re: is everything dems used to campaign on

effing Mueller shoved them in the manure pit, in the case of Flynn because he wouldn`t lie about Trump, so Mueller held a sword to Flynn son`s throat and said "are you sure you couldn`t lie just a little bit for me?".  

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Re: is everything dems used to campaign on

BA, when you think about the some of the issues with chinese trade that the progs have always acted concerned with like labor, the environment, human rights, china has an abysmal record.  Their favoring of trade slanted toward china over anything equitable can only be explained as a reaction to trump.  Well one other.   They've always know that as long as the USA had a prosperous middle class it would reject communism.


Re: is everything dems used to campaign on

Not going to link it but thinking that you, as an alleged conservative, might appreciate G Will’s most recent column at WaPo. 

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Re: is everything dems used to campaign on

Hey Sam, I question if progs would`ve ever done anything about trade even if they had both houses and the white house. Bernie Sanders, Warren and Chuck Schumer don`t exactly attack Trump on trade...but by God the other prog minions sure do.  Progs get complacent like everyone else, little Wang Chung in China/India peddles his bicycle to work in the sweatshop for 2 bucks a day, the rivers are purple and bubbling, dead fish with x`s where their eyes used to be are floating, the air thick with soot you could cut with a knife.  The progs don`t care anymore than the honey badger, they buy their Walmart and Amazon junk and little Wang Chung is outta sight outta mind, the Cleveland steel mill workers can "eat cake".  

I think that taking on trade is almost as monumental as taking on the social security Ponzi scheme.   Oh I know I know I freaking know  "But your Trump said trade wars are easy to win!!!" Yes and they would be if we were dealing with a reasonable trading partner (China) and if the political party in the opposition cared more for America and the workers than adding seats in the next election.  That is two things making it hard/impossible until after he wins re election in 2020.

And Bruce, George Will is a globalist, he wants open borders, free trade, war with Iran/Iraq and Russia.  I didn`t bother looking up what he writes because I know his ilk so well that I could write their columns for them..I would have to throw up, take a big dump and long soapy shower afterward though.

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Re: is everything dems used to campaign on

BA, when you start a war you should have a good idea of your target and how you might win.

China does not run government like your country and can wait out any one starting a war from your country.

There was no known game plan to this war and I even doubt there was a definite goal of what they/he thought they could win.

In the mean time you all are suffering and it will continue at least until a new crew is in government in one or both countries.

Also when this 'war' is over it will be many years before agriculture gains back the lost markets so tighten your belt.