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Re: is there any doubt

@rsbs wrote:

it might be hilarious, but I feel more like crying. Sad state of affairs for my beloved country. If the liberals could just go F themselves , it would be one thing, but they are hellbent on taking the rest of us down with them.

I understand your sentiment. 

But who's pulling the puppet administrations strings?

You know "Biden" isn't calling the shots.... if not him then who?


It's not just that "Biden" can't string a few coherent sentences together, or that he calls the Laughing Hyena the President... the policy moves are anything but coherent.  This isn't consistent with high level management.  Whoever pulls the strings, does so with purpose. Nothing at that level is without purpose.  

You're watching the orchestrated implosion of the communist control over America.  

Ever watch the air movement of  Presidents pre Biden?  Why are Biden's flights never labeled Airforce1?

Did you watch Biden's "inauguration" closely?  

What were the commies planning had President Trump been rightfully elected to the Presidency?

Would all that preparation and planned further action still be effective if he weren't declared the winner?  

What happened in Myanmar due to foreign interference in it's election?  What does that look like at the moment?  


Would you want to see that coast to coast in America?  If not, how could the military counter the communists?


What did the President establish in 2018 in preparation for the 2020 elections?   Foreign interference was necessary for it to be implemented.... 


"Biden" isn't pulling the strings.... Obozo isn't burning down his party... Kamala is in the same boat as "Biden".  The CCP is a grave threat to America... it was infiltrated everywhere.  But they aren't truly running the current White House.

The country has to wake up... sometimes people have to see what communism really looks like, but this is being implemented in controlled fashion. 

Myanmar was the other option.   I'll take the orchestrated implosion.

We'll be circling back to the election fraud again in the somewhat near future... watch what happens.  

Veteran Advisor

Re: is there any doubt

Is there any doubt, that folks like Goofy Gooby are desperate now to get someone to pay attention to the Republican lies?

Your post reeks of desperation Goofy Gooby.  You know that soon, there will be no Republican Party - it’s just being absorbed by the lies and the rag conspiracy theories of Qanon.   But don’t worry - some people are stupid enough to vote for a Q member.   We have a couple in Congress right now.   Believable, aren’t they?  (Hint:  Not so much!)

Keep trying Goofy Gooby - I’m sure you’ve got someone that believes Millie and your BS.   I’m just not one of them.


ps - did Easter service bring you any additional hope of the second coming of Trump?   Or was Trump’s second coming, just with some porno star he pays to keep quiet?

Senior Advisor

Re: is there any doubt

The conspiracies and lies are being put out by 60 minutes.

Veteran Advisor

Re: is there any doubt

brings us back to Putin laughing his kiester off at 60 minutes when they said that the news in Russia was suppressed.

Anyone laughing anymore with 60 minutes? Anyone with a brain can see what side of freedom 60 minutes are on.