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ray h.
Senior Contributor

is this a circus?

    To be in context with the word circus,what would the dead say if they would have seen an election mess like this one? Now because this is a marketing forum,el nino has this part of the world realy messed up,can not believe there is so much complacency.Ah it's an election year!

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too close for comfort
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Re: is this a circus?

You're right Ray this El nino is crazy. I've don't remember a spring starting this nice this early. There must have been a strong El nino back in 1828.


Just think if they had social media then.

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Re: is this a circus?

The el-nino in 1828 was by far stronger mearly because there was some expectation of better conduct to compare it to.....  Normal had some meaning...... The election could have been better but Andy Jackson had twitter followers who knew the disgrace of the next first lady was a low blow...  And President Adams would have toned it down if she might have run later herself...


This one is a circus,,,,, a very embarassing one.....  We have the eventual winner in a former first lady of the bimbo wrangler.  With no moral character--- that seems to give her a leg up, so to speak. ---- vs: 

Or the extreme "communist manifesto" elderly robin hood...... on one side

then the moral right who blames the big socialist government for wrecking everything that is good by trying to protect all that is potentially or ever will sound unfair in the world from the evil humans of which we all are....... and don't ya know,,,, the answer the morally right touts is more government legislation to reign in government legislation.

But no fear they are being beaten ......... pummellled by a spoiled brat who is a real loose wire....    Con man extreme...

But he says what voters want to here... so he is leading the poles.....    Imagine that  🙂


Problem is "Who would you trust with your lunch money??"  I think there was a couple of those in the election but we seem to like the side shows and those who play to the camera's  even though his tanning bed makes him look like a raccoon.  


But then we are a country spending our way to bankruptcy paying reparations and buying votes.  Who better to lead us there than the Donald of Bankruptcy.....///?  Think about it,,,,, The guy runs casino's......... Who else would be better to guide the country built on pyramid scemes and lotteries.......??


At least in 1828 they were on the way up in economic growth instead of this mess....??  I guess Trump will give us all someone we don't like to blame it all on........



Watch ESPN's 30 for 30 on the rape case at Duke U a couple of years back,,,,,,, and ask yourself "in this environment" can we have an educated election decision.  I have not watched many reports that expressed the problems of the American mentality as clearly as this.... 



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Re: is this a circus?

step right up ladies and gentlemen.......welcome to the your ticket and enter our tent of human oddities.....

first you can see the man, half human man, other half donkey..........and then you can see the bearded lady......


step right crowding or pushing please........

BA Deere
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Re: is this a circus?

I don`t think it`s so much that the election is a mess, but the country is a mess and it seems there are so many used to living in squalor that that they reject the solution...Stockholm Syndrome if you will. 


Pain is just weakness leaving the body.

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Re: is this a circus?

Maybe we need to build that wall to keep El Nino out of the country!