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bruce MN

Re: is your voice heard?

But my best quests would be that judging by the topics re those other petitions the feature will soon come down.

BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: Here's a voice

The Southbridge mall in Mason is going to get a ice skating rink in the empty Pennys store, K-Mart and the Sears store sits empty.  These cities are going to lose alot of counted on tax revenue. 


Only reason people go to malls and stores is to get ideas of what to look up on line where they can buy it cheaper and no sales tax.   Was in Jordan Creek Mall in WDSM, surprised how full it was.  And that damned mall up at Mankato is always busy, but the Sears store`ll be out in a month.

Senior Contributor

Re: is your voice heard?

Regardless of how many sign, its not going to register any more signatures.   The topic is verboten.