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islam double standard

How muslim trreat Christains


snip-After defeating their rivals in Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah movement, Muslim extremists are focusing their attacks on Christians in Gaza City. Christians in Gaza City have issued an appeal to the international community and a plea for protection against the increased attacks by Muslim extremists.

Father Manuel Musallem, head of Gaza's Latin church, told the AP that Muslims have ransacked, burned and looted a school and convent that are part of the Gaza Strip's small Romany Catholic community. He told the AP that crosses were broken, damage was done to a statue of Jesus, and at the Rosary Sister School and nearby convent, prayer books were burned.

Gunmen used the roof of the school during the fighting, and the convent was "desecrated," Mussalem told the AP.

"Nothing happens by mistake these days," he said.

Father Musalam additionally told The Jerusalem Post that the Muslim gunmen used rocket-propeled grenades (RPGs) to blow through the doors of the church and school, before burning Bibles and destroying every cross they could get their hands on.

Catholic Online reports that the heads of Christian churches in the Holy Land have urged both sides to put aside their weapons, noting that the infighting diverted international attention from the national goal of Palestinian independence.

"This domestic fighting where brother draws his weapon against brother is detrimental to all the aspirations of achieving security and stability for the Palestinian people," they said. "In the name of the one and only God as well as in the name of each devastated Palestinian, many of whom are still dying, we urge our brothers in the Fatah and Hamas movements to listen to the voice of reason, truth and wisdom."

One young woman told the Catholic News Service that she was concerned the Islamic extremists would "enforce a strict dress code, forcing women to wear veils and robes." One Christian teenager spoke to the Catholic News Service on the condition that her name not be used. She said the days of fighting had been "very difficult" but they were "OK now."


 How muslims expect to be treated




Hundreds of protesters rallied in two Pakistani cities Friday, burning American flags and calling for the hanging of Jones, witnesses said.

A reporter in Multan said about 600 demonstrators — including clerics, political party workers and activists — held four protests in various parts of the central city of nearly four million people.

Protesters carried placards reading “Death to America” and “We will lay down our lives and will not allow desecration of the Holy Qur’an.”

At Multan’s Gulshan market, political activists from the Pakistan Muslim League (N) party of former Prime Minster Nawaz Sharif joined local traders in setting an American flag on fire.

In southern Karachi, Pakistan’s largest city, about 300 people from Islamist political parties Jamaat-e-Islami and Jamiat Ulema-e-Pakistan held three rallies with placards that said the pastor responsible for the plan should be hanged. “Hang the pastor” and “Death to America” read the banners at the rally that later dispersed, a reporter said.

Protests meanwhile also flared Friday in Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim-majority country.

Najib Razak, prime minister of Muslim-majority Malaysia, warned that a “single act of abhorrence” could “ignite the feelings of Muslims throughout the world, the consequences of which I fear would be very, very costly”, he told reporters.

Senegal’s President Abdoulaye Wade issued a statement calling it “an unacceptable offense to Muslims” and urged the international community to do more to combat Islamophobia.

In the Gaza Strip, Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh called Jones an “insane lunatic”, while Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for his part said the plan to burn the Qur’an was a “Zionist plot” that would end up in the speedy “annihilation” of Israel.