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Senior Advisor

israel is a bargin

Again hearing all the news, and looking
At things sideways, this is what I come
Up with. Again check my math.

Area 8,019 sq miles x 640 = 5132160

This past year give them 3 + billion in
Military supplies

3000000000 ÷ 5132160. = 584.54 per acre.

BUT how many years have we been making
This loan payment. ?

More thinking

4 Replies
Veteran Contributor

Re: israel is a bargin

I suppose until somebody, with the power to decide, decides the obligation has been paid

Honored Advisor

Re: israel is a bargin

Hey cheapie my suggestion would be to join the democrat party, they do the thinking for you. A lot less stressful.


Just something to think about.

gough whitlam
Senior Contributor

Re: israel is a bargin

I think old cheapie only thinks on special occasions and emergencies.
Senior Advisor

Re: israel is a bargin

Oh whit, I also think on holidays and