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Senior Advisor

it is possible that Tuck

did get swept up by NSA if he was in contact with foreign agents.

Which actually soulds quite credible- and probably likely.

That's how these folks roll.

And as detailed below, the GQP certainly isn't opposed to surveillance except when they get rolled up.

The Republican PCLOB Cover-Up of NSA's XKEYSCORE Use Is More Troubling than Tucker Carlson's Claims ...

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bruce MN

Gutting of oversight was…

….. made into an art form by the Dennison Admin

i.e.   It’s impossible to imagine that no one was alerted to or knew of the Sonny Perdue/ADM sham.

Just for starters. 

Senior Advisor

Re: Gutting of oversight was…

Yeah Bruce how in the world did that ever get past the sargent Schultz media?