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it's 12:40 AM

 well, i'm up tonight, watching the vote on the healthcare....the skiny died.


you know i'm getting tired of alot of this.......the republicans have had 7 years..........7 years.....they control the president, senate and

house...yet......yet.......they can't get anything done.........i think it is time they look in the mirror........


to me......senator mccain has shown something, that few there have or even shown..........


the fellow if facing cancer, which is reported to be "terminal".....this man a day or two ago, made a very good speech.......he said

we must stop this bickering and fighting, and being so polar......he told people to forget those on radio, tv and internet and printed

media....who just want to keep poking fingers......we must come together.


this man understands.....he personally knows the importance of health insurance......and how it is becomming a political football....


this issue is important to everyone....young, old, rich, poor.......people are worried, because things are so confused....they are

worried, and confused, looking at the ever growing number who will loose insurance, with every idea the republicans bring forward.


as what one news person just said....this was not about is about human lives.


i think it is now soaking in to the rupublicans thick skulls, people are worried about their healthcare, and they they will have to work

with the democrats....and do what's right for the american people


the question is........where was trump ?  he ran on doing away with healthcare......they have voted 7 times....failure......where was he

tonight ??  not even around.......if it was soo important, he should have been there.......


i think some people need to learn, people are worried, and scared...they dont want to loose their insurance....and all these proposals showed

millions loosing.


while the republicans think this was a failure, i think for the american people, it was a success.

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Senior Advisor

Re: it's 12:40 AM

Why did McCain vote for repeal when Obama was president?

Veteran Advisor

Re: it's 12:40 AM

I think he has become older and wiser. He saw this
Was a bad bill, it would take away Insurance from
Millions....and with just being told you have a bad
Cancer....he understands the importance of health insurance.

For those who voted the party line, including Pat Roberts and Jerry Moran....depite some 31 Million
Who would loose Insurance.....their vote last
Night, will help me vote no next time they
I am no longer proud of my people

Re: it's 12:40 AM

As I said, he was more than likely just providing cover for the GOP as a whole and Pence and the squishy Rs in particular.


Owning that bill would have been political suicide.


Don't know if or how this will effect the run for his seat in '18, which seems to be a near certainty. If his heroic status is further burnished an endorsement might mean a bit more.

Senior Advisor

Re: it's 12:40 AM

It's no longer Obama care. It's now McCain care. His single vote saved it. It is his. He now owns it.

Veteran Advisor

Re: it's 12:40 AM

You know how funny it is that you say it's someone's
Fault because they voted no !
It's all his fault huh ?
It's funny how you have been bashing Obama for
Years, now it's some else
It's laughable

At least he had the guts to stand up to trump....
Trump was 4f.....McCain was in service, he was
Captured....and tortured....and trump made fun
Of him.
McCain also saw the facts....31 Million would loose was the worse program submitted
Ryan promised him he would take it to committee,
But he was wiser than that....Ryan can't be trusted.

As McCain said we have to come together.
The Republicans must learn the American people
Value their health and health insurance....and
Tired of people playing politics with their lives.
Senior Contributor

Re: it's 12:40 AM

Unless President Donald J. Trump is just crazy enough to enforce Obamacare exactly as it was originally writte, the ACA is going nowhere anytime soon. Premiums, deductibles, and co-pays may go up a great deal for most folks, but so too will the Healthcare Insurance Industry profits as well. Welcome to the land of the free and the home of the brave.


Needless to say, both K & Wall Streets are going to remain very thankful to bi-partisan Washington for their collective efforts to preserve Obamacare. The important thing, however, is for investors to retain their ACA equity positions in AETNA, Cigna, Humana, Anthem, and UnitedHealth. All should do well in the coming years. YTD performance for all of these companies are running comfortably above the S&P 500 Index...and this is during a big rally in the market.


Good stuff! All should be well for Obamacare investors unless Trump and friends ever decide to go all crazy on us.



Veteran Advisor

Re: it's 12:40 AM

packard....isn't it amazing how we are told insurance companys are pulling out of the market, there is no money, they are loosing money

etc......but they have good returns ?


Re: it's 12:40 AM

Most of them make most/all of their money on the group market- a much larger piece of the pie- having a presence on the exchanges is just a cost of doing business and if they can get out of it by claiming losses they will gladly.


The group market has been very stable under ACA and rate increases have moderated substantially from the red hot GWB years.


As I said, the healthy folks in the individual market who don't qualify for subsidies are being held hostage by the GOP so that they can point to victims. The broken exchanges could be improved by various means if anyone had been interested- improved but probably not "fixed" in terms of what all the victims want- "go back to how it was" isn't going to happen entirely, one way or the other.

Senior Advisor

Re: it's 12:40 AM

McCain saved it. It's his now. It belongs to the repubs. They said they would repeal. We believed them. We voted for them. They lied.