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bruce MN

it's not easy being a Democrat

When you see that someone this qualified can throw their hat in the ring and be so readily rejected by the party brass like he was. Along with the likes of Gary Hart and numerous others who rise to service out of middle right to even full out red states in deference to "made" candidates such as the Clintons or Gore.


I'm quite certain that he's not alluding to privatization.  That's the bankster GOP's job. 

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Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Re: it's not easy being a Democrat

Obama lowered the social security tax, put millions of fit people on disability, and opened the borders to more potential

ss trust fund drainage....Doubtful that the RINO's like McCain and Romney would have done that.


Ponzi schemes never end well, though...this one won't be any exception.

bruce MN

Re: it's not easy being a Democrat

Needs meaningful reform. The one that would work best and most effectively restore the trust fund has widespread bi-partisan support.


Get rid of Citizens United and it happens quickly.  At no peril to the economy.  Hasn't happened yet because of the recent history of campaign financing.