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Re: jennys_mn

so when the snowflakes post their "all about us" it's NOT flushable material?

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Re: jennys_mn,

Milky is intellectually lazy, thus all the meme’s.
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Re: jennys_mn, mind of her own

You don`t get to make up your own facts jen.......

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Re: jennys_mn, mind of her own

Why Not IH - your so called president seems to make up facts all the time - they are called lies...some in his administration calls them "white lies", to others, it's "alternative facts".


And you seem to have no problem with believing anything and EVERYTHING that is put out by your side, and the other RWNJs on here.  


Go bitch about it on your super secret site with gripes are falling on deaf ears...


Tick Tock(MF)......BONGx10!!!!!!!!!!



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as is usual, a tangent rather than a direct answer

jennys_mn  didn't tell us exactly why President Trump is so bad.  Not any realistic information, rather a chant. 


I didn't post the Obama debacle's to debate them, only to point of a FEW of the lies and disastrous policies that are public record.


I asked what exactly is so bad about President Trump. 


I expected an lengthy list of perceived errors and missteps.  That didn't happen and I am convinced that as has been said, President Trump is wrong simply because he isn't a communist, socialist, anti-American and definitely not a Democrat.  The shear audacity of working Americans to elect a pro business, pro American rather than a socialist European is upsetting to those 30 some percent Democrats. 



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Re: as is usual, a tangent rather than a direct answer

its a useless endeavor. Liberals are sheep and are not capable of independent thought on issues. Jenn appears to not even know any issues and really looks foolish.


One very positive is that the future voters will probably watch this crop of liberals without a clue and at least know they want something with more substance.


Honest and thoughtful debate is good for future policy. It will be interesting to see what develops in the coming  years as I am quite sure the current liberal democrat party is not going to be the answer or the future when the pendulum swings back.

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Re: as is usual, a tangent rather than a direct answer

wehav,  It appears that you are wasting your time.   You should remember to never argue with an idiot. They'll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience. 

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Re: as is usual, a tangent rather than a direct answer

OK ,  where are the TIPS on Steve Paddock - Las Vegas shooter - murderer that are supposed to stop this carnage - where are they ??????


Bump stocks  X 12  - several bullets (29) sprayed at his room door while an employee of Mandalay was checking his door during the commotion -employee wounded ---


Would  the  NRA have enough guts to ask the Mandalay - Las Vegas  for a spot to have their  next convention - wager would be ??? 


Please acknowledge if these facts are Fake newZ  





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You want comparisons, wehav

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More for you, wehav

I know you are busy man, so you won't have to take the time to read them, here is some videos that should fill the bill!