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jobs report


Obama and his media will roar that this is good news for America. It SUCKS!



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Re: jobs report

Better going down than going up.
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Re: jobs report

Whats going down, Bart?


snip; Reagan Recovery Created More Jobs in One Month Than Obama Has All Year


So I ask again, Bart, what's going down?

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Re: jobs report

Ooops, Sorry.  When I saw "jobs report" my mind said unemployment.  It is going down and the jobs are going up but neither fast enough.

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Re: jobs report

The Obama legacy. King of the part time job creator. Obama care in action.




When the payroll report was released last month, the world finally noticed what
we had been saying for nearly
three years
: that the US was slowly being converted to a part-time
worker society
. This slow conversion accelerated drastically in the last
few months, and especially in June, when part time jobs
exploded higher by 360K while full time jobs dropped
by 240K
. In July we are sad to report that America's
conversation to a part-time worker society is not "tapering": according to the
Household Survey, of the 266K jobs created (note this number differs from the
establishment survey), only 35% of jobs, or 92K, were full time. The rest
were... not.

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Re: funny osama numbers

162 k jobs 141 k part time --only osama would call that good news  matches demonrats policies