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just breaking

FBI is putting the team back togather that handled Hillary's server investigation to handle the Epstein case.  They suspect trump did it at putins request.

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Re: just breaking

Yeah, well, welcome to reality.

Not sure who was complaining when Ken Starr was sent find something on "The Clintons" but to make sure that it led away from the real trail that was scattered with many enormous problems for the two preceding GOP administrations.*

Q-y-ness is sort of fascinating in the same regard. There is so much bad stuff out there that the game (GOP dominated) is to bend it into an asymmetric weapon.

BTW, other than being used as a diversion to keeping a sociopathic NY organized crime figure in power while collaborationists sack the joint, the Deep State is unfazed, in fact never had it better.

Never been more gators in the swamp, either.

*something triggered a memory. I went back to some old stuff about Systematics/Alltel matter where NSA and Vince Foster appear to intersect. BTW, Hillary Rodham was once the attorney of record for Systematics.

A whole lotta the illegal and dirty stuff from the days of Reagan/George I ran through the friendly confines of AR.

Anyway, a name that came up there was Robert Maxwell, father of Epstein co-conspirator Ghislaine.


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Re: just breaking

Point being that Hillary did not have Vince Foster killed- she was only a slightly larger small fish in a very big game.

It would be more accurate (in a slightly metaphorical sense) would be to say that Ronald Reagan and Bill Casey did- even if they happened to be repectively doddering and dead at the time.

But the matter was asymmetrically weaponized to a remarkably effective degree.