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just keepin' track

Note that Asa Hutchinson was elected Gov of Arkansas.


He was the US Attorney for W. Arkansas back in the '80s when Ollie's (patriotic) Coke Express was running in and out of the Mena airport. That was also under what AEP termed "the normally astute political nose" of Gov WJC.  Both state and federal investigators reported having all investigative efforts killed from above.


Hutchinson later became, and you can't make this stuff up, head of the DEA.


It is remarkably profitable to become a Made Man- doors just seem to magically open. Or in the case of folks like Mark Udall, they get slammed shut.


One of the open questions that really can't be answered is whether the resulting crack epidemic/war was planned by the Deep State as means of social control or if was just a crime of opportunity.

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Re: just keepin' track

Just funding the organization, rewarding The cooperative, just what you'd expect.

Re: just keepin' track

The heroin epidemic is running hot across rural Indiana, particularly the counties bordering Ohio, I'm told.


My guess is that there is a stockpile being built somewhere, probably Pakistan, so that there will be several years' supply should the supply from Afghanistan be cut off.


Probably next to Benny Mohammed, er, uh, I mean Osama Bin Laden's hideout.