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just rolling the eyes.

Really thought the best thing about trump was he would weaken the federal government because of the backlash against him, but never anticipated that the Dem's would give such a big assist by turning the whole process into such a circus.   Expose themselves as liars beyond even Trump.


Two men have come forward to members of the Senate Judiciary Committee to claim that they are the ones who actually assaulted Christine Blasey Ford during a house party in 1982 — and not Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

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Re: just rolling the eyes.

Sort like a timeline- the doppelganger gambit requires multiple revisions.


Anyway, bring 'em on, although you've already made it clear that you'd believe them by default.


Suddenly seized by conscience and shocked at the tarnishing of such a fine man, they chose to confess to felony sexual assault?

BA Deere
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Re: just rolling the eyes.

Though it might seem like it sometimes.


See the source image

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You misunderstood

I don't put any more faith in what the two guys say than the rest of the crazies coming out, that's what the eye roll was about.


Wish I was a writer for SNL this week.