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just thinking about astroturfing


Story explores how when efforts arise in states to make sudafed prescription only, the manufacturers attack with big lobby bucks, robocall campaigns and generate large numbers of calls and messages to lawmakers from citizens who are outraged by the gross overreach of big government.


Actually seems to be a fairly straightforward policy issue, particualrly for those of us in the rural midwest and midsouth where the costs of the meth problem are real and large.


Thousands of medications are limited to prescription only and sudafed once was. Doesn't seem an unreasonable imposition.


Just wondering how many people are ideologically inclined enough  would take the bait as offered by the pharma lobbyists and express their outrage at potential legislation of that sort.


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Re: just thinking about astroturfing

I`m all for making it hard on illegal drugs.  Just wonder if the local meth-head isn`t making it, won`t it just come over the border?  Free trade, if you will. 


Sometimes I think Louis CK has it figured out

Re: just thinking about astroturfing

Certainly, it is estimated that around 80% of meth is imported but I don't see that as an argument against taking reasonable policy actions to reduce the problem.


The local cooking thing is particualrly a problem in the midwest and mid south and is creates a lot of subsidiary crime.


BTW, don't you suppose with all the surveillance it would be relatively easy to bust the big operators? That would be unless there are people who don't want some of them busted.


That is my primary objection to hitting it at the local level but it really isn't a sufficient argument. But why pick on the locals yokels when there are big fish who have a hole in the net made for them.


authoritarian tendencies i was referring to

On display.


Yes, let's require tithing a doctor to get a simple allergy med.