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Re: The problem is who stays in teaching

I don't think parents are afraid of teaching their kids the wrong stuff so they teach them nothing at all.  Parents are too lazy or too occupied to spend time with their kids because their too busy playing with their ipads, etc.  I'd venture to guess there are more children today being raised by a television than by parents.  Anyone ever watch families travel while driving down the interstate?  Instead of talking to their children, all I see is the kids in the backseat with their eyes glued to a movie while the parents are hanging on their cell phone.  Social correspondance such as twitter, facebook, etc. isn't as big as it is because parents are actually spending time with their kids. 


There are bad teachers, and tenure makes it virtually impossible to get rid of them.  However, our education system is messed up primarily because of lack of parent involvement much more so than because of the big bad gov't.  Sam probably does have a legitimate point about parents doing a poor job because gov't has somewhat attacked the cohesiveness of the family unit, but gov't direct involvement in education isn't why our education system is lacking.  Throwing more money at the problem isn't going to solve it either.  Until the family unit does a much better job of raising kids, our education system is going to remain subpar. 


If the education system didn't have to spend so much time trying to educate kids on sex, drugs, etc.; they could spend more time teaching more important skills.  I've often times wondered why there is even drivers education in school.  Again, parents should be the ones teaching their kids how to drive.       

Re: The problem is who stays in teaching

What I was alluding to earlier is that this generation of parents are the early adapters of the technology and consumer goods can do everything for you set.   Which you expand upon very eloquently.


That didn't all happen out of any conspiracy or ill intent to take over people's lives or to shape their mores.  It just came with a certain amount of percieved progress that has overwhelmed us.


Sam is dead on about how it needs to start where they are nurtured before the school gets them, but his narrow description of what technically constitutes a family (which a sizable majority of Americans would probably agree with) makes for tough politics and stiffles useful dialogue.  If we go into the future limited by cultural arguments we aren't going to get far in fixing what we all probably agree with about the shape all of these kids show up the first day of Kindergarten.  And that doesn't seem to have much chance of changing very soon.






Re: The problem is who stays in teaching

Read john Taylor gatto's "underground history of education in America". It's free online.
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Re: an indication of the condition of our school system

actually 2 stories I read.

First a bunch of middle schoolers attacked their bus driver.  Story didn't really name the prevarication.  One parent said the kids were throwing crayons and the driver hit her child because of that.


Secondly, on one of the major news networks today they were running a crawl about the winners of the big lotto jackpot

Crawl read winner in Ariz. and winner in Miss.   In the first place the winners were in Az and Mo.  But apparently the crawl creator didn't know the correct abbreviations.  

Now I'm not the best at the use of the English language but if you are going to get a job like that shouldn't you at least know the correct abbreviations of the states.

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Re: Ones like this

That's sorta what I figured!

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Re: More ironic...

Maybe a brain surgeon could live a better life if he was a plumber, but as a teacher?  NEVER happen!