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no on a technicality

The data only goes to 2010, I was referring to kids graduating from high school now.  But we can definitely say the trend goes against me.  Oh, and it was a hypotheses not a premise.

Re: kids going into education?

That is something we could use more of, vet's.  Large animal vet's.  I can't really blame the vet's for wanting to do only dogs and cats, getting kicked by a cow at 2am is not that much fun and getting paid by the horse owners can be dicey.

Re: kids going into education?

Sure, as in the OP, there is allot of laid off teachers right now, not a sure thing at all.


I wish our local district had more teachers from out of the area. We're in a poor rural area, the schools are the top paying place for a person who wants to stay in the area to work. The administrators mostly came from the school system, the teachers to a large degree came from the school system, every one is either related or best friends. It's a bit inbred.

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Re: no on a technicality

True....However with Humanities being pretty high, you do realize what one does with a Humanities degree? Yep, teach. I wish all of the graduates luck. It would be interesting to know what all those Business/Managemnet degree people do, but I'm too lazy to look that up - there are charts on career paths in post graduation.

Re: no on a technicality

Rumour has it that the best and brightest of the gen y went into financial analyses and that is what has given us high frequency trading and all the derivative products. Humanities are certainly less destructive, but they don't pay off the student loan as well.



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Re: The problem is who stays in teaching

I want to know where these schools are. My mother taught for 34 years. Her pay maxed out at around 35000. The last four year she didn't get a raise because of all the education cuts, they simply put the raises on hold. Also she had good health insurance, but at a cost, almost 800 dollars a month was being taken out of her paycheck for health care. Alot of that due to the overall age of the teachers and the medical expenses they racked up. Now she could have seen more raises if she had obtained her masters degree, but she would never have seen a return, the raises she would have recieved from the degree would never had payed for her to get a masters. 


Teaching today is a thankless job, other than seeing the success of your students. Angry parents and out of control kids.

back in the day

when I was in college, they did call education a M R S degree as in Mrs. but that was back when people got married.

Re: kids going into education?

I wa sencouraged to run fo rthe local School Board.  When I told the person who had contacted me that if I were to get on the first thing I'd do is make a motion that the administration be directed to NOT hire anyone who had ever spent more than 2 running days in their lifetime within 100 miles of the district.


I didn't hear back from him.  He married the Home Ec teacher in the mid 60s and one of his daughters had an el-ed degree and is waiting for a slot to open up in the immediate area. 


You are correct...too many boards and administrators use the Dictrict as an employment base for locals.  There are a bunch of grain farmers wives teaching in the districts right around us.  A good portion of those salries most likely becoming part of a nest egg.  It may sound weird to you but I'm happy that my grandkids are going to the big city school that they are. No inbred, coloquial culture there



Re: no on a technicality

That was first heard by me on 60 Minutes in the Fall of '08.    I beleive that it was Micheal Lewis who was saying that the later day generation of deriviates, double edged re-insurance and HFT were the spawn of physicists, not traders, accontants, economists, brokers etc.


Said that the key to profiting from was to simply stand along side as the transactions went by on the conveyor and pick off bits at a time as they passed by..

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Look at Romney vs Obama

If America ever had a time when it needed a person with business smarts and sense, it is now, and the American voters, as distinct from American taxpayers, re-elected a man that never ever ran a lemonade stand. One of Mitt's faults was that he actually was successful at business.