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Re: You are only

@Canuck_2 wrote:

r3020 wrote:

Oh, so they have to be taught Jesus never lived.

Why would you bother teaching them that?

Did you teach them that Sam Spade never lived too?


Any school I can think of would stick to math, science and language with a little history too.

So if they write about Jesus they have to be told they are wrong, no such person ever lived. It is a fairytale. Now go sit down, keep your mouth shut and read Sally has two mommies.

Senior Contributor

Evo 101 again people.

Survival of species requires a male and female in the mammal, but in the end who cares. I don't think anyone on this site is gonna be a victim of any homos anytime soon. If you religous people want a good argument against the multiculturalist, simply bring up that homosexual men will raise the price of healthcare and have shorter lifespans. The health problems homosexual men have really is a reality.