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label it what it is, a terrorist organization

both the BLM and the Democratic party.

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BA Deere
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Re: label it what it is, a terrorist organization


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"Back in what’s left of the real world of adults ‘n’ stuff, though, there is the age-old question of public order. Evidently, the Democratic-brand mayors and governors think they see a political advantage in chaos, the destruction of property, and bodily injury to citizens, including murder. What exactly was Mayor Ted Wheeler doing at the riot down at Portland’s Federal Building on Wednesday night? Was he showing support for the action? Sure looked like it. And is it possible that Governor Kate Brown approves and encourages it, too? She has not used the Oregon State Police to restore order. Maybe it’s time to just bypass the game-playing before any more people get hurt and charge these politicians with assisting insurrection under federal law (18 U.S. Code § 2383). And put them on trial in the same building that their Antifa mob is trying to burn down."