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large laughter

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Re: large laughter

Well, Sam, I don't think a small detail like that matters now that this is the time that the Democrats have really "got" Trump on this quid for quo Ukrainian business. Forget the score of other false alarms and nothing burgers....this one is it.....Bruce, aka "gfys" has put his reputation (again) on the line on this one. Has to be the "one".

Boritz Gfiz has a nice ring to it, btw.

Most of Californians would love to be somewhere else....I wish that MN could start an exchange program where we send our liberal loonies to CA and get back the trapped conservatives to change the culture here in MN. 

Newly divorcee Omar could be in the first car on the train, too....sure that the climate in CA would be much more to her liking. Keith and Tim could smoke and snort together on the way out there , too. 

MN deserves better.