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Senior Advisor

let the games begin!

call Bolton, and Hunter, and Eric, and Dixon, Donner, Prancer, etal.

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bruce MN

Re: let the games begin!

Spectacularly prophetic. 

He having underestimated the appeal of the nationalism and just where it might take us. But incredibly on point.

The GOP fusion  thing that gets discussed here from time to time. Not good for anybody.

BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: let the games begin!

Here`s a snip from the article:

"And the conservative path—while certainly the right path—is never the easiest path to walk. Liberals have always had a great electoral advantage over conservatives, because they can make as many promises as they wish in the name of Big Government, and then blame a lack of sufficiently Big Government when their promises fall through."


The so-called "true conservatives"  used to call social security a "ponzi scheme" and promised to get rid of 5 agencies like the Dept of Education.  In a perfect world, yes get rid of all that crap, however who doesn`t have a grandparent, parent or they themselves collecting a social security check and on medicare?   And really need the money to keep the wolf from the door, maybe 30 yrs ago elections in certain districts could be won with such promises, but now even us decent people are dependents on the dole.   

I don`t know how you could have a modern country of 330 million people and it not break some of the old fashion tenets of conservatism.  And if you don`t have a modern country, you`ll be passed around like a pack of cigarettes  among totalitarian nations of superior military dominance.  

Senior Advisor

Re: let the games begin!

The lily white Indian girl says she is going to cancel student loan debt on day 1 with executive powers. Hard to compete with that vote buying scheme.