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light flu

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Re: light flu

That’s what those 1000 people dying from it every day say.

I wouldn’t have expected many-doubt that many of those athletes presenting with myocarditis were.

The author of “Sharia vs. Freedom” might proceed from a particular viewpoint.

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Re: light flu

Who could have guessed?

Remember the idiots here that were certain deaths would be in the millions and the world was ending?

And how they kept saying the Physicians treating the sick were wrong?  😂😂😂


The ER doc in California summed it up the best, "LOTS of sickness, tiny amount of death."

Unless you lived in a nursing home with a Cult of Death governor.


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Re: light flu

Hey Dr. Knox, what is viral myocarditis?   How many viruses can cause it?  How are most cases treated?   What is the common duration of symptoms?


Why does it occur?  And what over the counter nutrient that was discussed multiple times has shown to reduce the potential for myocarditis and secondary potential fibrosis?


Wouldn't it just suck if we already had the medical ability to deal with this DemPanic?


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Re: light flu

Is this pandemic over, Comrade?   You, like other on the and our Dear Leader, seem to think (or at least hope) that it is.   

Deaths worldwide are reported today at 871,000 from Covid - and there are many more, that haven’t been recorded as Covid.  

I didn’t see anyone say, the world was ending. Once again, a made up fantasy of your own making.

Even 1%, is not a small amount of death.   Then, there are those with chronic problems after the exposure.   

Just remember - there is no cure - there may not be a cure, or the “cure” may not be what is hoped for. 

We are still closer to the beginning of this, than the end.   Maybe the middle to late next year, we may be able to think about “the end”.

And with nothing yet proven, that may be hopeful.   There are 330 million people in the US.  If we think that 10% now have had it or are immune, that would be about 30 million (official count at only 6.2 million)  only 270 million yet to go.  At 1%, that’s only another 2.5 to 3 million deaths.

Republicans can’t win an election, without lying......