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link pretty much says it. Hillary R. Clinton, or Hillary (are a) Clinton, i.e. crooks and liers

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Red Steele
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Re: link pretty much says it. Hillary R. Clinton, or Hillary (are a) Clinton, i.e. crooks and liers

if the CHinese treason part is true about the Clintons, and don't forget that all kinds of Chinese money was also supposed to have been contributed to the Obama election fraud, those folks should either be executed or live out their natural lives behind bars.


Like Sergeant Schultz, Hillary claims to know nothing about it.

Hillary's campaign office is claiming ignorance. But isn't it funny how suddenly the Clintons' old Chinese bagmen are popping up again, lugging around bags full of cash, just as the Clintons make another run at the White House?

Recall that in her 2008 bid for the White House, Hillary had to return hundreds of thousands of dollars raised by another Chinese bagman, Norman Hsu, who happened to be a criminal fugitive. Hsu bundled $1 million for the Clinton campaign through straw donors. He was busted for laundering foreign cash.

The pattern of corruption may be repeating with the re-emergence of Ng.


Through Trie, Ng bought access to the White House ostensibly on behalf of Beijing, which the FBI said at the time was running an influence operation against the Clinton administration.

At the time, Chinese missiles couldn't hit the side of a barn. But thanks to Clinton missile-technology transfers, Beijing can now hit any city in the U.S. And thanks to his opening up the nuclear weapons labs to Chinese scientists, Beijing "stole" the designs to every nuke in the U.S. arsenal.

The Chicoms also sought a beachhead in our hemisphere and got it, when Clinton in 1997 allowed Chinese front companies to take over the Panama Canal, a strategic waterway linking the Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean. Beijing now effectively controls key naval shipping lanes in our backyard.


Beijing got a hell of a lot for their money under the treasonous Clinton administration. Now it seems they're back trying to get even more in a hoped-for second regime.

Too bad the corrupt Clintons aren't joining the mysterious Mr. Wu behind bars.                     

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