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lyin' liars lie

DD says that Biden's tax hikes will be the biggest in history and will destroy the economy.

Actually the 10th biggest and none created any lasting harm, in fact the economy generally improved.

And his ads are going on about NAFTA, after he re-upped a version that is 95% the same and half of the changes were because Pelosi demanded them.

You know he's lying when his lips move or when a tweet comes from his account. The bar is so low for this guy.

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Re: lyin' liars lie

Honored Advisor

Re: lyin' liars lie

You're gonna have another 14 hundred and some days to keep counting.

Senior Contributor

Re: lyin' liars lie

(In 1,316 days, President Trump has made 22,237 false or misleading claims according to the MS/L media)

I find it much more impressive that the same fact checker / MS-L media site has china joe's total lie count, in 570+- days while a candidate and the D nominee, at 0.