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mission accomplished, though,

The 40% base is in line and stuffed full of more #### than a foie de gras goose.

So let the games begin- a little under 10 months to go.

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Re: mission accomplished, though,

You seem to forget impeachment is a do nothing Nancy idea.

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Re: mission accomplished, though,


Re: mission accomplished, though,

And a limited success if it gets through to the few % who aren't groveling minions of Satan.


Re: mission accomplished, though,

"I'd love to have Bolton, Pompeo, Mulvaney testify"

"I'd love to have Bolton, Pompeo and Mulvaney testify but......"

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Re: mission accomplished, though,

A formerly sane and young man used to quote this guy quite often.  


There were 11 contrived articles of impeachment against Johnson.  Against Trump there are two.  One is that he abused his power as president by asking the president of Ukraine to reopen the investigation of the energy company, on which Obama’s Vice President Biden had placed his son as a very highly paid director.  Vice President Biden had forced the previous president of Ukraine to shut down the investigation by firing the prosecutor or otherwise forfeit $1 billion in US aid. 

The Democrats have no evidence that Trump offered the Ukrainian president US aid in exchange for political dirt against Biden, and the president of Ukraine said there was no such offer. What would be the point of Trump asking for dirt against Biden when Biden himself boasted before the Council on Foreign Relations that he had forced the Ukrainian President to fire the prosecutor or forfeit $1 billion.  This is common knowledge.  Why should Trump have to pay Ukraine for it?

Vice President Biden’s clear, open admission that he did what Democrats falsely accuse Trump of doing is total proof of the utter corruption of the Democratic Party.  

Now, let’s suppose the Democrats are correct in order to see how inconsequential and commonplace the charge against Trump would be even if true.  The United States government has historically, has always, and is forever telling foreign governments to do this or that or you won’t get any money.  This is the commonplace behavior of the United States in its foreign policy, which is not based on normal diplomacy but on bribes, sanctions, threats, and, if the country does not comply, bombings and invasions.

Trump did not tell Ukraine that he was going to sanction, bomb, or invade if Ukraine did not reopen an investigation that was closed entirely on the basis of Biden’s threat to withhold US aid money.  If anyone should be facing a charge, it is Biden.

The second charge in Trump’s impeachment is “obstruction of Congress.”  The US Constitution gives the President the power to obstruct Congress. Every time a President vetoes a bill, he obstructs Congress.  The idea that obstructing Congress is an impeachable offense is insane nonsense.  It works only because Americans are ignorant. They do not know what the Constitution says or anything about the balance of powers the Constitution establishes between executive, legislature, and Judiciary. 

Similarly, Congress has the power to obstruct a President by refusing to ratify his treaties, by rejecting his budget and spending priorities and by refusing to confirm his appointees in office. 

What is the real basis of the obstruction charge?  I will tell you.  It means that the House Democrats could not find anything on Trump, so they charge that Trump obstructed them by hiding the evidence and not letting executive branch officials testify who would have ratted him out.  That is all the charge means. The charge is that the exercise of executive privilege, which every president has used, is an obstruction of Congress.  That is all the charge means. How did such an absurd charge become an impeachable offense?

In the Senate the fight over “the rules” is a fight over whether Democrats will be able to reproduce in the Senate, in place of what is supposed to be a trial based on the evidence that led to the House’s impeachment charge, a continuation of the House circus with more witnessess, more charges, more orchestrated “evidence.”  In other words, the Democrats intend to use the trial as a continuation of the soap opera hoping to extend it long enough that some of the mud will stick to Trump and defeat his reelection.

We must ask ourselves how American politics has degenerated to such a comical level.  How can the US be taken seriously as a world leader when for the entirety of a presidential term one of the two political parties has done nothing but to try to destroy the President of the other political party? Is the US going to have its own Hutu-Tutsi genocide?

This question is unrelated to whether or not we approve of Trump or think that he is a good President. An unapproved President is simply not reelected.  He does not need to be impeached.  Obviousy, it is Trump’s reelection that Democrats fear, and they are using impeachment to try to prevent Trump’s reelection.  This is not the function of a political party.

A political party is supposed to represent the interests of its constituents.  At one time, the Democrats’ constituents were the working class.  The Republicans represented business interests.  There was countervailing power bewteen the two.  Sometimes business interests got the upper hand.  Sometimes the working class got the upper hand.  But the system worked and served both parties.

What, who, does the system serve today?


Re: mission accomplished, though,

BA, thanks for posting that. That is an essay that should stand the test of time, and in a decade or so, a lot of the current fruitcakes will probably read that, and wonder how they could have been so possessed with the TDS.

Media can certainly fuel an obsession, and if the fake news sources...the CNN's, ABC's, Huffpos, and the other squirrel *****e sources that those afflicted frequent had not been so persistent, we probably would have congress actually trying to do something productive by now.

PCR doesn't even care for Trump...I am lukewarm towards him at times, but the more the TDS shows up, the more I see how much better he is than the alternatives....chaos.

And when it comes to policies...good Lord, it's like Pat Buchanan won the election.


Re: mission accomplished, though,

It's been interesting to see which of the discontented gadflys of the left/right and various splinters have spun off into total nihilism in the Age of Trump.

As far as PCR- and others I'd categorize with him go- I think that unreconstructed confederates always gravitate back to their identities, just as some truly cranky leftists do. Others struggle to find their way back to something like the center when faced with disorienting times.

I disagree with his primary point- it is not a regular occurrence* for US elected officials to leverage appropriated aid for direct, personal gain, nor is to to engage in a complete stonewall cover up in response to the legitimate authority of a Constitutionally co-equal branch of government.

The GOP house majority 2010-16 could have legitimately chosen to impeach Obama for any of the dozens of things that Turdy maintains on his List of Heinous Grievances. They happen to have chosen not to, probably because Newt and Ken's Big 5 Year Adventure yielded mixed political results.

The enablers and so called lawyers must find all of this in their best personal interest, somehow, even as their "client" undercuts them once again today. "We have the evidence and they don't."

* even if it was, it isn't acceptable, no matter how many "yeah whatabouts" anybody can come up with.



All in here from this corner for Mitch to hit the Kill switch

Ain’t going anywhere. Enough presented for anyone who cares the least bit to have anything they need to know.

Senate drops the case and no Dems are injured. House Committees free to continue to hold hearings if they are of a mind to. GOP Senators that need cover with the Dennison base are off the hook, left only to face voters if they happen to be up for re-election.

Senate can hold hearings as well now that some topics have been narrowed. Maybe deal with some of those characters on Sam’s grocery list. If, I suppose, they get a referral from an intelligence or D of State agency.

Save the time and money. Get back to work passing legislation in the House and raising the pile of Bills on Mitch’s desk.

Big waste of time and money. 

And one more opportunity for Denison to declare to the “universe” that he has been exonerated.


Re: All in here from this corner for Mitch to hit the Kill switch

Some swing state R Senators damaged a bit.

Perhaps a few swing district, first term D's in Congress, but that's always a vulnerable point- depends on the district. Rs won't gain anything net with 30 retirements and Dennison pulling 44% of the vote, or less. Objectively, even with The Base's absolute faith in his Jedi powers, he's in a very bad position for re-election.

And remember, he's going to be on the loose, without adult supervision for 10 months.

A D POTUS and Moscow Mitch as Majority Leader might be the worst possible scenario, but I'm willing to risk it.