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Lead azzzed separated at birth Limbaugh twin weighs in.

Might be tongue in cheek but he’s such an Clintonite egoist I doubt it.


Re: Penn

Pretty darn clear at this point that Dennison hasn't and won't benefit from this much, other than the intensity of truculence from his base. Might raise some money off it in the short term.

Which is fairly telling, because Americans generally don't like the impeachment game. While many will claim otherwise in hindsight now, they turned on Nixon only very late and reluctantly*.

Probably due to a bug in our system whereby the POTUS is both the Chief Executive and Head of State. Although I won't bother to militate in favor of any alterations at this point.

I'm trying to decide which of those functions Dennison is worse at but its a close call.

*Mostly as the MSM turned against him which, as you know, was also fairly late in the game, legendary resentments notwithstanding. And as has been said, if FOX existed then he probably could have ridden it out.