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Re: “mooch”

Like Never Trump Republicans (with the exception of a few of the earliest and most vocal) I don't favor an open path to rehabilitation of reputation.


Re: “mooch”

Donald Who?

Never heard of the guy.

*****-a-doodle doo.


Re: “mooch”

The problem with Never Trump Republicans is that most of them previously favored one or more of his primary opponents.*

But The Base wasn't wrong concerning the bankruptcy of all that.

Ditto, the Dem establishment, although something authentic did begin to emerge out of that particular debacle.

*Kasich possibly excepted. He's actually very conservative on a longer historical continuum but a proven competent administrator and appears to be able to sometimes take the pragmatic route over ideology. But a good thing there, because he could have beaten Hillary going away and the GOP wouldn't be in a fight for its future existence.