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more on "we're all getting played"

It would probably be a lot less apparent had one of the approved candidates obtained the GOP nomination.


But it is pretty clear now that all the PTBs are swinging in behind Hillary, and, for that matter had to drag her across the line to the nomination to even get this far.  Danger, danger.


But here's where it gets confusing: Back in the day you could occasionally get Booshites to admit that the whole Iraq thing smelled to high heaven of a pre-planned PTB conspiracy to fake intelligence, create the structure of a police state(if not yet fully implement it), destroy any dissent and get the US stuck to the tar baby (the last part may or may not have been part of the plan but strategic dunderheadedness produced that result).


But if you got them to admit that they would calmly tell you that, yes, but it was in the strategic interests of our indispensible nation. Because they thought they were in charge. When a Kenyan socialist Muslim got the levers, they flipped 180.


And, I'll submit that there is a very strong overlap between present day core Trump supporters and the Freedom Fries crowd.


So for better or worse, I'm more or less equally uncomfortable with, on the one hand, a made woman in the PTB mob and on the other hand the pied piper who stole away the mob that made up the former base of the GOP.


Because as I said, not that they're more manipulable than other identity mobs, just bigger and more important, and I don't trust their passions.

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Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Zero Dark THirty

if you watch the movie, you don't see any of the Zero, Biteme, Her Liary, etal

all in that Kodak moment watching Obama , I mean Osana, get wasted. For

all of the bs staged moments of the last few decades, that one took the cake 

for me...more so than Jr. landing on a flight suit, and declaring "Mission

Accomplished". But maybe I am just partisan on that. No way would they all

get together that way....wasted the time and resources to get a live lead, etc.

If you believe that story, go sign up for a PTB voting slot.


One thing in the movie, the missus and I just watched it last night on FX, is

that they talk about  intel info, and %'s. The managers come up with about a

60% probablility that OBL is in that house in Pakiland, and one says that

well, we don't know the exact probablility, but its higher than the WMD we

thought was in Iraq and we went to war over that intel.


I know that I will never vote for a Clinton. never voted for the BJ king and not

about to vote for his lying wife, even if she is running against Barnum.


Re: Zero Dark THirty

The first thing to keep in mind is that history doesn't seem to support the notion that torture produced the intelligence. So the chattering class got to yak about the troubling depictions of torture, which is just sort of a red herring for our intelligence services covering their tracks.


In the end it probably doesn't matter whether they killed the real OBL or the fake one- they're sort of one and the same.


Given the disposal of the body you'd guess fake but as always there is plausible deniability there- don't want to create a shrine for the martyr.


Also would guess that they hosed the Pakis on it- they'd been keeping him safe there next to the military academy and found out they'd just provided a stage.


Other than a few mild protestations, didn't seem to particularly harm our relationship with them.


My guess remains that he was a former 7-11 operator from Schenectady who made PR films for the Bush campaign. Poor guy was sitting around playing X-Box and,....... blam.