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most significant polling news

is in the internals.

It has been strong and steady enough to conclude that over 65s are breaking toward Biden at a significant level.

First, many are selfish and unpatriotic and don't embrace the notion of being human sacrifices for their kids' 401Ks.

Also, the SS and Medicare gambit- lacking an explanation of what picks up the funding gap- really was reckless.

But I think there's another factor that might explain this weeks' further erosion. Many had probably never seen DD other than at staged events or in cherry picked clips carefully narrated by FOX et al Trusted Sources.

Stuck at home, many tuned into the debate and were shocked to find that their former hero is actually a flaming, pustulent world class ###hole jerk.

That's what The Cult actually loves about him and I'm sure there are many among the shrinking elder demographic who are in to the bitter end. Just not all of them.

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Senior Advisor

Re: most significant polling news

No, I'm not really hanging my hat on this morning's CNN poll that has Biden +17.

But again, the internals.

DD up 2% among males, down 34% among females.

Better hurry up and get those gals skeered about BLM/Antifa/MS13 coming to kill them and their kids, right quick.