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my conclusion

upon stepping back a bit.


In trying to figure out who is the mark at the table I've settle on The Donald and The Folk.


The MSM gave him a free pass while he dispatched the 16 dwarves, now they're going to grind him into dust.


As far as the question of how the heck is Clinton going to get elected, that appears to be the strategy employed. Things that don't make sense deserve to be set aside for further consideration as new information arrives.


So I'll have to acknowledge that The Folk have good cause to be paranoid.


BTW, I think the Clinton decision to cut the primary drama short through use of MSM outlets highlights the greater danger- her judgement. In the end she would have won anyway but she decided that it was time to move on to the general. But I think it is going to hurt her in November, perhaps more than she calculated.


I assume they're still confident that El Donaldo will implode and that's probably still a fair bet. But the mood of the country is going to be the worst ever, either way.


The cognitive dissonance vibe that The Folk are getting is very real. The problem is that they're generally a hopeless lot- simplemindedness is not a satisfactory remedy for overcomplexity.



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Milligan Hay - Iowa d:^)
Veteran Advisor

Re: YOUR conclusion

Where do you get off calling us "simple minded"??!?


Do you consider people that embrace socialism/communism as being smart, when it has failed EVERY time it is employed?


Anyway that you look at it, a revolution is underway that will permanently change the course that we are on. Put on your helmet, it's gonna get rough. 

BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: my conclusion

I think Donald trump is the last steam valve that will be available and that assumes that he is indeed the genuine article. Those that riot and burn the American flag and set police cars on fire won't be happy, but I have to believe that they are a tiny but loud minority that will go away until the next election. I don't know, maybe the country is too far gone hillary will win and there's no pulling out of this tailspin, I hope we can go back to some semblance of normal. But of course we're all marks, even smart people asking "who is the mark?" Like they themselves aren't a mark.
Senior Advisor

Re: my conclusion

The lamestream media never gave Trump  free pass. They tried to destroy him time and again but every time they tried he got stronger. It's like the people are sick of the media picking our leaders for us. And as for Hillary your main problem is the way she claimed victory before there was a victory? With ever other dishonest and crooked thing she has done over the years? You're worried she tried to influence the California primary with the assistance of the lamestream media? Really? That is where your concerns lay for her? You have got to be kidding.

man of steel
Senior Contributor

Re: my conclusion

@BA Deere wrote:
But of course we're all marks, even smart people asking "who is the mark?" Like they themselves aren't a mark.

They are no longer a mark. They are subjects

Veteran Advisor

Re: my conclusion

All anyone--media or people--ever did was put quotes around everything he said.  And people who think the same bigoted, hate filled racism ideas ate it up.  His supporters are mostly dumber than a box of toothpicks!  The only thing that really scares me is that the "Mexican" judge working the fraud case on trumper convicts him and he is thrown out of the race and they pick cruz or rubio to run.