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It is hard to overestimate

what can be accomplished by placing a very few key people at key chokepoints.


In July 2001 Rumsfeld changed the interceptor scramble protocol for aircraft emergencies to where it was no longer automatic and was routed through his office. He was not at his post and was not contacted on the morning of 9/11/01. To say the least, he was not removed from his post for that failure. On 9/12 the protocol was changed back.


Robert Muller took office as head of the FBI on 9/4 and miraculously by 9/14 they had identified all 19 hijackers (even if 15 later turned up alive) and even though it took them 2 years to identify the Lockerbie suspects.


While Osama bin Laden was indicted in absentia for the embassy and Cole bombings he was never indicted for 9/11 as evidence was not sufficient to go to a grand jury.


As I said, if you get the right people at a very few key posts you can pull off some amazing stuff.

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Re: It is hard to overestimate

Yes nox, or make (allow or cause)  some very big mistakes.

Re: It is hard to overestimate

BTW, most of the passports held by those 19 were originally issued by the US Consulate in Jeddah with what has since come to be known as the Visas for Terrorists program.


As far as who was actually carrying those passports, how they'd been altered etc. (obviously not the people named as hijackers, since most turned up alive) is anyone's guess.


Most of that occurred in the late 80s and early 90s when the CIA was very active in Afghanistan and later inserting jihadists into Bosnia/Kosovo.

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Re: It is hard to overestimate

We can all agree they should never been allowed entry into this country. Well, all of us except for maybe Keith Elison.

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Re: It is hard to overestimate

Does anyone know if Keith ever filed and paid those late tax returns? I don't give a ratzazz about what is in them, just like Trumps, but it is nice when government employees at least pay their taxes, child support, etc.