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Senior Advisor

no cctv?

on Epstein?

Gotta get over to Q to figure out how Hillarycomeysztrokmuellerpagemifsud pulled that one off.


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Senior Advisor

Re: no cctv?

"If "The Clintons" are so powerful that they can have an extremely high profile prisoner in the custody of DOJ/BOP killed, why is Trump still alive?"

Now there's a question for Q.

Senior Contributor

Re: no cctv?

(Krugman condemn's Trump for retweet, sdhollaway forwards Krugman's tweet)

Hope Krugman doesn't mean "condemn" as in to punish by death?  Condemn might be a little over the top, but tell your boy Krugman that I criticize, denounce, and take to task Trump for retweeting that tweet.

Now, you can rest easy, there is no way the Clinton's will ever be prosecuted, Bill could rape women and Hillary could destroy classified information and they'd still not be prosecuted.

Not gonna comment on the rumor you included about epstein not being recorded.

Senior Advisor

Re: no cctv?

Now that there's a funny one, Eddie.

Back to the central question- why did the George W. Who? Admin have Acosta cut a ridiculously lenient deal on the case originally?

If it turns out that George I was implicated we're going to have to have Sully the Service Dog put down.