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not a slender reed

of a defense, more like a stem of foxtail.


But it becomes evident that the initial interest in Trump/Russia connections was based on human and signals intelligence from European allies.


The Nunes/Grassley allegations came about as close as they could comfortably go on the matter- trying to discredit that info as entirely the work of Steele on behalf of Crooked Hillary.


'Tis true that those allies have a strong Atlanticist interest in the foreign policy status quo and against a pivot to Russia. All of that establishment is none too pleased about Russian aid and comfort to their far right groups and general fomentation of discord within their political systems.


But other than claims of an illegal basis of the investigation it doesn't matter. None of that stuff is going to be entered as evidence in any of the cases. What Mueller is doing now is using RICO methods to find evidence to build cases that are valid under our laws.


Taking the 50,000 foot view, it is hard to find a reason for the Trump pivot away from our historic alliances other than a commitment to Russia, and to Israel- continental Europe doesn't share the US fealty to the Zionist state, Britain is somewhere in between.